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Posted on: May 8th, 2014 by Josh Ellis 1 Comment

Current Home Group Leaders

Please take a moment to fill out this information sheet and attend our home group leaders meeting on Wednesday, May 28, 7p, at New Life Church.  This is so we can get a good picture of participation in our home groups church wide, and be able to see if we are underserving a particular demographic or sector in our church.


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How long has your group been meeting?

How often do you meet?

Where do you meet?

What is the average attendance?

How would you characterize the makeup of your group? Does it consist of people in similar stages of life, hobbies, gender, etc?

Tell us a testimony, something we can celebrate with you, that happened through your home group this past year.

Tell us something you found particularly challenging that happened with or in your home group this past year.

What advice would you give a brand new home group leader?

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  1. Janet Rutter says:

    We had discussed beginning again in Sept. when kids are back to school and possibly studying from a book called
    Peace Loving Women”. It is a 12 week study about peace with God, peace within and resolving conflicts for peace with others. It again involves soul care.
    Sorry I can not be at the meeting tonight.

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